Rebecca Dornan

  •  Rebecca Dornan is a registered mental health counseling intern in the state of Florida. Rebecca specializes in treating eating disorders, anxiety, depression, and trauma related disorders. She began her journey into psychology at High Point University with a bachelors in psychology with a business administration minor. During her time at High Point University, Rebecca was a undergraduate research assistant to Dr. Li-Barber studying "helicopter parenting." Rebecca also gained valuable counseling skills with an internship at United Health High Point and Oak Ridge Military academy. At those two agencies, Rebecca was able to lead and facilitate mentorship programs and group counseling with clients. Rebecca is also a member of the psychology fraternity at High Point University, Psi Chi. Following her undergraduate career, Rebecca, obtained her master in mental health counseling and marriage and family therapy from Rollins College. While at Rollins College, Rebecca was able to work with the Lucy Cross Center for Women & Their Allies. At Lucy Cross Rebecca was able to create and lead the “Me Too” event which gave the community a chance to discuss what the “Me Too” movement is and how we can help survivors of sexual violence.  During her final year in her masters program at Rollins College, Rebecca interned at the House Next Door in Deltona, Florida. While at the House Next Door, Rebecca was able to gain experience working with a wide array of disorders, as well as getting trained to work with sexual abuse and domestic violence survivors. Following graduation from Rollins College, Rebecca began working in private practice with Dr. Passeri & Associates.  Rebecca is very passionate about raising awareness in the community about mental health, and continues to be apart of local mental health organizations in Orlando.